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In an effort to embrace the cultural diversity of Proviso West High School in Consumer Education, the following information and links to additional resources are provided for the viewers' benefit. Please use the information as you see fit and feel free to contac Mr. Brennan with any thoughts or suggestions for improving this page.

Information For Everyone

African American Club -

A club that promotes the positive aspects of the African-American culture. The club strives to enhance the dignity, pride, self-respect and motivation of African-American youth by increasing their understanding of their heritage and cultural differences...Related Information

Business Professional of America-BPA

This club is an integral part of the classroom and job experience. Students are encouraged to participate on the area, state and national levels. If they win on the area level, they are eligible to go on to the state, and if the win at the state level, the are eligible to go on to the national contests...Related Information

Spanish Club

The purpose of this club is to stimulate in the Spanish language and Spanish culture. Membership is open to any Proviso student who possesses a genuine interest in the Spanish language and culture...Related Information

Multi-Cultural Club

The purpose of this club is to educate the Proviso West High School's student body, staff, and community about cultures other than their own; to make people sensitive to differences in others' cultures and background and to promote self-esteem and esteem for one's culture and one's difference...Related Information

Distributive Education Clubs of America-D.E.C.A.

The mission of D.E.C.A. is to enhance the co-curricular education of students with interests in marketing management, and entrepreneurship. D.E.C.A. helps students develp skills and competencies for marketing careers, build self-esteem, experience leadership, and practice community service...Related Information

English As A Second Language-ESL Information...

For Teachers...

Lesson Plans ... A link to lesson plans rated from beginning to intermediate. The site caters to teachers and their needs. There is also a resource link that is invaluable to any teacher.

Current Events and ESL...A link to a resource that incorporates current events to ESL lessons. Resources include reading and vocabulary exercises and handouts.

Digital Equity...A link for teachers beginning to address digital equity and different cultures.

Business English...A link to business related tasks that can be used for ESL students.

For Parents...

Parental Communication...A link to a site that accomodate the comunication dilema between the school and parents of ESL students.

Educational Programs...A link that collects and shares data regarding language instruction and English language learners.

Parental Questions...A link that contain answers to questions that parents of ESL students might have.

Parent Guide...A link to a school website that gives parent a basic guide of things to do to help their ESL students.

For Students...

Student Activities...A link that provides students with exercises, quizzes, and puzzels in many languages

ESL and the Internet...A link to a resource website that provides the visitor with sites where the ESL student can practice English on the Internet

ESL Crossword Puzzles...A link to crossword puzzles that are classified by subject or grammar and are rated by difficulty.

Listening Activities for ESL Students...A link to a site that provides the visitor with MP3 files on various topics.

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